Thursday, November 16, 2006

Friday's Quiz Topics

Here’s a list of topics that will be covered on this Friday’s Quiz. I’ll include the relevant homework problems as soon as I get a chance…

Quiz – Sections 4.1-4
Find critical numbers of a function (Sec. 4.1, #41)
Verify a function satisfies conditions of Rolle’s Theorem or the Mean Value Theorem, then solve for “c” (Sec. 4.2, #1,11)
L’Hopital’s Rule – evaluate limits (Sec. 4.4, #15,21,47)
Sketch a graph given continuity and max/min conditions (Sec. 4.1, #7,11)
Analyze a function given an equation: determine increasing/decreasing intervals, max/min values, concavity intervals, points of inflection (Sec. 4.1, #29,49, and any of the questions in Sec. 4.5)
Analyze and draw a graph of a function given the graph of the derivative. (Sec. 4.3, #5,7,31)

I’ll be in early Friday. See you in class!

"Seven days without laughter make one weak."
-Joel Goodman


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