Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thursday's Test Topics

Here’s a list of topics that will be covered on this Thursday’s Chapter 6 Test.

Chapter 6 Test Topics
You will be given a set of functions determining a region. You will need to determine the area of the region, the volume of a solid created by revolving the region around the x-axis, the y-axis, around a line parallel to the x-axis, and around a line parallel to the y-axis. You can use disks, washers or shells to get your answers. (Sections 6.1-3 - all)
Determine the volume of solids generated by building shapes with a known cross-section off a given base. (6.2, #55)
Determine the average value of a function for a given interval. (6.5, #1,5,7,13)
Determine any value(s) c that generate the average value of a function on a given interval. (6.5, #9)

For additional practice problems, look at the chapter review (pp. 431-433)

That’s it! I’ll be around after school on Wednesday until 3:15 and in early on Thursday. Donut holes and OJ!

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